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WiFi Smart Cloud Remote Control

Professional signal simulation ability, linkage with more than 99% infrared remote controls.

Program reservation reminder function, push real time program notification


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Based on WiFi communication technology, WiFi smart cloud remote control breaks the tradition that one remote control only controls one appliance. This greatly simplifies life and brings big convenience.

With one smartphone, users can control TVs, Set-top boxes, air conditioners and other appliances, thus real smart control of home appliances realized and the best control experience brought to users.

At the same time, it can also search the internet TV programs automatically, provides program notice, wonderful program real-time push, custom appointment reminder and other functions.

This is the brand new experience of IOT smart home!



All in one: Integrated functions of all infrared remote controls; One key controls all home appliances.

Rapid Speed: Press one key to join in network, fast accessing speed.

Scenes Linkage: One-key can set timing, scenes and other tasks.

Fan-Shaped Transmission: 120 degree RF transmission range

One-key Configuration: No complicated procedures, one-key to join in network.


Instructions :

1.Connection: Hold on/off button of this cloud remote control before connecting it to power, and release on-off button immediately after electricity connected. After above operations, the indicator is in the rapid flashing state, the cloud remote control enters configuration mode (if the indicator is not in the rapid flashing state, you might start the whole process again)

2. Configuration: Open the App in your smartphone, press【≡】icon on the upper left corner.  Choose【Add equipment】to select cloud remote control. Meanwhile, the WiFi name has been automatically obtained. Enter password and press【start configuration】.  When the indicator is flashing slowly, it is connecting to the WiFi. When the indicator is always on, the configuration is successful.

3.Adding device: After the configuration succeed but it does not connect to the smartphone, press【add】icon on the upper right corner (in choosing cloud remote control interface). Enter adding remote control interface. Press【search】to find the smart socket, then the cloud remote can be controlled in【smart socket】interface.

After adding the cloud remote control, select specific hardware and follow the instructions to complete the configuration.



Software Installation

1.Scan below QR code to download software

2.Download software from the site


 Working Voltage:    90-264VAC or 5VDC
Learning Distance:    3CM-10M
 Transmitting Distance:   10M
 Installation Height:   2-2.5m
Wireless Type:   wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n
Wireless Power:   ≤0.5W
Working Temperature:   -10—45℃
 Working Humidity :   ≤80%
Shell Material:   Special infrared projection material
Controlling Method:   Omnidirectional emission light
 Life Span:   ≥50,000 times 


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